Identify your strengths, do the right thing.

Values are principles, for companies as well as each individual.
These values define our behavior and our performance. To ensure that it’s not requirements defining us but rather us defining our requirements, perpetuo has blended accredited measuring systems with their own wealth of experience. This is what we call: “eFACTivitiy”.


perpetuo eFACTivity

Perfect fit of strategy and human potential

The perpetuo eFACTivity-program is based on decades of managerial experience and the established behavioral-profile-analysis of Thomas International.

Exceptional surplus for managers, boardrooms and shareholders:

  • Restructuring and organization of management- and staff resources in ideal support to the strategical mission
  • Accompaniment and alignment in the “1st 100 days“ process
  • Effective recruiting by defining and identifying the ideal candidate profile (costs- and risk minimization in comparison to common recruiting)

Especially the restructuring programs of the perpetuo eFACTivity program help Top Managers find the best possible understanding of their managers and teams. That is how key resources can be used both effectively and successfully in a constantly changing environment.

The program delivers an extensive behavioral analysis of the candidates/team players/executives in over 20 languages. Besides reflecting the strengths at work, the ideal motivational factors and the working behavior under pressure, it also emphasizes the value of the individual for the enterprise.

Please reach out to one of our internationally certified consultants for further information.

Mirco Grübel

Christian Kersten