If you look at a problem in its entirety, you will not miss the essentials

Economic success is the result of correct decisions and a firm implementation process. Decisions are made in various manners. Often times the right strategic advice is enough to turn a Venture into reality. Other times a broad Venture Management containing entrepreneurial competencies is necessary for implementation. We have developed our own internal model of approach in order to meet all our client’s needs. It consists of two main areas – Business advisory and Venture Management.

Business Advisory

At perpetuo our advisors are simultaneously successful managers and on Partner level even leader personalities. This combination allows us to quickly and accurately obtain the needs and requirements of companies and large corporations. As part of our business advisory, we are not only reliable advisors to our clients but also professional conceptionalists. The results of our business advisory are the basis to an individual Venture-strategy following established methods. Afterwards we initialize the implementation process. For our clients this is an ideal way of convincing themselves of the perpetuo-quality before taking on a large Venture.Venture Management

Venture Management

Strategic advisory alone often is not enough when working together with enterprises and investors. It is much more a question of entrepreneurial thinking and acting when gradually leading a Venture-process to success. Here is where we take over full responsibility of all need-based planning and systemic implementation, starting from the first risk-analysis to exploring the international market over to exit- and portfolio-strategies of investments.

Venture Management Procedure

A systematic approach is the key to reaching your goal

The ways on the open market have become so various and opaque nowadays that decision makers might be blinded by internal and external influences. Whoever decides to take on a large Venture, e.g. an expansion to Eastern Europe, must have loyal, highly qualified partners accompanying them every step of the way. At perpetuo we assure you that we will do just that by following a structured and established Venture-Management-Procedure that minimizes risks and misjudgment.


1. Strategic planning

The Beginning is always made up of thorough strategic planning and analyses. We examine the applicability of the Venture as well as the market environment: Essential competitive factors (e.g. Five Forces Model) are just as much a part of our planning as are political, economical, socio-cultural, technological, legal and ecological conditions (PEST-Analysis). The results of this first step are the basis of our concept and the reason why we take our due diligence very seriously.

2. Conception

Once the clients have approved of the Venture’s conception we decide on the best way of reaching the set goals. Supported by facts from our analyses, we define the single tasks, dates and deadlines as well as the responsibilities of every party involved. All steps, results and consolidations are accurately documented by us and serve our clients as an important aid for their final approval.

3. Venture setup

Every concept’s effectiveness is dependent on its translation into practice. Therefore we take care of the whole project management as well as diverse interim functions. The performance of the Venture is secured by constant risk- and growth analyses, while our clients are kept up to date with our documentations (e.g. Venture Scorecard).

4. Post-Venture Phase

Even after a successful realization of the Venture we stand aside our clients as a trustworthy and reliable integration partner. Beside from sophisticated reports and efficient controlling we perform early post calculation analyses and will develop a strategy of communication for your Venture if so required.

Areas of Venture Management

To master Venture Management,
means also having gained operational experience


Internal forms of Venture Units

Product Champion and Venture Team

With your enterprise constantly growing it becomes increasingly difficult to implement new ideas. Therefore we support both, teams and individual executives in realizing strategies, innovations and ideas.

Task Force

As experienced crisis managers we analyze the current state of your enterprise and develop individual solutions that we then support put into practice.


For us, thinking outside of the box, questioning corporate cultures and developing new approaches to your problems, always belong to our work.

External Venture Management

Venture Capital

The provision of capital is only a small part of the challenges faced by a Venture. Therefor we mainly focus upon the successful implementation of your project than merely talking about the necessary finances.

Venture Nurturing

Ventures in companies and large concerns often go beyond simple investments. The integration of entrepreneurial (cross section-) functions can be reached with our help.

Venture Spin off

Sometimes you will have to outsource certain areas of an enterprise not only to open up new possibilities but also to utilize available potential to its fullest.

Joint Venture

With the help of entrepreneurial partnerships we increase the development potential of our clients.

Business Scout

As requested by concerns and investors perpetuo is there to open up new markets, both in terms of region and content. By using the developed “Business Scout” model the client is always handled confidentially and remains unnamed.  This brings us to three key advantages:

  • The client is supported both competently and resolutely in the attempt of implementing his strategic goals.
  • Market participants are not able to recognize which concern or investor is currently planning his market entry
  • You will not have to worry about employees, not involved in the project, unnecessarily getting upset.