Plan Projects.

Embrace challenges.

Exploit potential.

Mirco Grübel had the idea of founding Perpetuo in September of 2007. After his undergraduate studies in economics and administrative studies he quickly gained experience by working on exciting and challenging projects with internationally operating companies.
Always willing to take on a different perspective, be it as a consultant or a company related manager, he was in charge of diverse merger-, acquisition, internationalization and consolidation projects.
In the last two years before founding the perpetuo GmbH, he was mainly influenced by his work as a CEO in a Czech subsidiary of a well-known German company in the utilities industry.

The success of these projects was no coincidence but much more the result of his own personal values which are generally seen as the basis for the development of perpetuo. His talent of guiding and implementing entrepreneurial projects, known as Venture Management, became the key to overcoming the challenges he faced throughout his career.

Venture Management takes place in two different areas – within a company itself or externally on the open market. Perpetuo is set to work on either one: We take responsibility as a crisis- and project manager; we support innovation and open up new sites. Not only internationally but also across sectors. You may find further information on Venture management under:


The future is sculpted by our visions.

In order to reach your goals you sometimes have to leave the familiar path and go a different one. We had the goal of opening up new options and possibilities for concerns and large companies with us there to accompany them throughout the whole process of the project. However, we wanted to be more than the average consultant or the manager of finances. We had something bigger in mind and we finally achieved that goal in 2007 with the founding of the perpetuo.

Since then we have solely relied upon the knowledge and expertise of people who have proven that they can lead Ventures of any kind to success, be it in the form of a solution-oriented manager or a decision-making entrepreneur. This mindset has led to a completely new profile – the Venture Manager.

The name perpetuo reflects everything we do and stand for: The constant support of our clients in terms of entrepreneurial and financial growth, with our values guiding us through our work and actions. With our team set up the way it is today, we are in an excellent position to take on oncoming challenges and to continuously set strong and sustainable signals on the open market.

Our visions at perpetuo:

Perpetuo is a Venture Management specialist with a cross-sectoral and international reputation


Values are the foundation on which personality rests.


Our solutions keep what we promise – because we openly discuss risks. Instead of experimenting around we offer results that last.


Our team solely consists of former CEO, CIO and Senior Project Managers who manage each Venture as if it was their own enterprise.


We are Venture managers through and through. Further education and teamwork guarantee the quality of our work. The development and usage of new ways to solve problems is an example for the solution oriented work of our Venture managers.


We don’t take the path of least resistance but instead we choose to take the way that fits best to our client’s needs.


As long as our clients are in need of our expertise we will help and assist wherever we can.


Following the perpetuo’s perception of a well-functioning team, various competencies were combined in order to promote the development of corporations. In this constellation the Venture managers of perpetuo are able to unite their strengths as analysts, concept creators and partners.

We discovered that we as the team of perpetuo can only be effective if we are able to reach our accomplishments with reliability, honesty and professionality. This is the basis that our clients value so highly. In the end the result is a team that, together with their clients, reaches the optimal level of efficiency.

Each Venture manager has, at some point in their life, shouldered and taken on responsibility in the economy. This is shown in the following graphic that depicts our own individual career steps.

team image
Mirco Grübel
Executive with international management expertise
Mirco Grübel was the one to lay the fundament for the perpetuo GmbH in the year of 2007. As CEO, interim- and project manager Mirco led a multitude of challenging projects consisting of internationally operating corporations and middle class enterprises. Turn Around and expansion are his main areas of focus. Therefore he combines in depth competencies in the fields of mergers & acquisitions, marketing/sales and finances.
In two decades of professional experience he has successfully taken on supervisory responsibilities in projects concerning automotive, utilities, logistics, IT and finance. Half of these projects were situated in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, England, Latvia and Spain.
team image
Dr. Gunnar Wittich
Senior Expert & Project Manager
Dr. Gunnar Wittich has been working in the consultancy business for the past twenty years. He specialized in the following sectors: Financial Services, Tourism and Logistics. His functional focus lies in the controlling of large projects in the areas of IT/operations as well as Outsourcing and offshoring. Further experiences involve the planning, creation, and exchange of core systems inside complex system-frameworks.

Dr. Wittich began his career at McKinsey & Company, being part of the Business technology Office in Hamburg, Germany. After that, he was in charge of operations for S Broker AG in Duisburg & Wiesbaden, Germany. Furthermore, he participated in the development of the business-model of the online broker. Before devoting himself again to consultancy, Dr. Wittich was in charge of the areas technology/IT and document capture at GHP Dialog Services GmbH in Bamberg, Germany. He took over the same role for the affiliate GHP Far East Co., Ltd. in Vietnam.

Dr. Wittich holds a degree in Information Technology and Mathematics. In the field of IT, he gained a Diploma with distinction and finished with a doctorate. He speaks German and English fluently and holds an advanced proficiency in French.

team image
Christian Kersten
Expert & Manager
Reliability, professionalism and engagement in combination with an excellent, international academic education. This is what distinguishes Christian Kersten. As CEO for a student consultancy organization, he took responsibility over mandates for medium-sized companies while still being a full-time student. Furthermore, he made (international) experiences in DAX-30 companies which characterized his ability to confront challenging problems and implement solutions appropriately.

Christian Kersten holds an honors degree from the the Business and Information Technology School in Iserlohn, Germany and from the Stellenbosch University in Stellenbosch, South Africa (Graduation with distinction – summa cum laude). After his graduation, as a consultant for perpetuo, he took over the PMO-leadership of a strategically important transition program inside a large and renowned German company.

During his career, Mr. Kersten already led remarkable mandates. As an effective PMO officer, he developed the ability to pursue critical tasks and realize topics of high complexity. As subproject manager as well as external sparring partner, he took over various mandates for c-level clients. Most of the time, these mandates are based on the areas of: restructuring, issue resolutions and turnaround management.

Simultaneously, Mr. Kersten is a member of our Venture Management Experts Team. In this incubator, he leads and brings to success complete life cycles of business ideas, that are realized by perpetuo alone or in cooperation with external partners.

Key facts about the team at perpetuo

Average age

32 years (26 to 54 years)

Corporate- and consulting experience

each employee

Work experience

4 to 25 years

Experience as project leader

80% of the team


Supervision of mergers, expansions and reorganizations
Broad client spectrum ranging from DAX 30-concerns to upper scale middle class to DAX 30-concerns
Build up and establishment of industry/consulting-Joint Ventures
Market competencies: Europe, Asia and North America
Cooperation with accredited universities and academies
Former CEO, CIO, Senior project manager
Only experienced practitioners
International experience
Experienced advisory board (Economy/Science/Law)


Perpetuo is not only concerned about its own future.

The youth is the future of our knowledge-based society. Our future is significantly shaped by knowledge and the opportunities of achieving it.

“Sport als Chance” (a program helping socially disadvantaged children with sports) – Per Mertesacker foundation.
The perpetuo GmbH supports the project “Sport als Chance” of the Per Mertesacker foundation. The support and funding of socially disadvantaged children with sports and activities is the main focus of the project. The development of social and intellectual competencies is one of many aims.

“Frühzeitige Weiterbildung“ (a program focusing on postgraduate education) – Oberstufenakademie of Arnsberg
The Oberstufenakademie of Arnsberg’s further education program, “Frühzeitige Weiterbildung“,  educates over 30 schools in Westphalia (West Germany) and as thus serves as an important platform for students to further follow their interests by visiting various seminars and presentations. These are held by personalities from the economical, political, sports and cultural sector. The perpetuo GmbH supports the activities as a partner straight from the economy and also with our very own seminar series “Fit for economics” since 2006.